One Year to Create the Extraordinary

Creation happened in one momentous BANG

As a Creator what can YOU do in One Intentional Year

Yes, you can create Heaven on Earth and Have it ALL

The Legendary Love
The Luxury Lifestyle
The Leadership that Creates Legacy

In EVERY Area:
Core, Kind, Complement, Community, and Consciousness

The You you KNOW you really ARE awaits Expression and it's time to UNLEASH.

A Full Year of Journeying with the Infinite Couple through all of our Courses, Classes, Transmissions and Channels

"All Things are both Polar in Nature and Treble in Principle" - M. Gadalla

The Polarity:
The Masculine and The Feminine is the beginning. It is what creates the field of being itself.
 Above and Below
 Within and Without
 Structure and Flow
 ​Yin and Yang
 ​The Vision and the Strategy
Your life requires and is created from various polarities (not dualities) complementing each other, supporting each other...and holding the ALL together...The Poles that create the environment, the atmosphere and the orientation.

The Principles:

Legendary Love

The Same way humans aren't meant to remain larvae (children) for our entire lives- we are also not meant to remain single. We are communal beings. The first step of Adult connection is to Seek our Life Mate

He/She whom we will journey with
  • Learn how to choose
  • The stages in the creation of Unification
  • How to amplify pleasure and journey through all of the stages of love
  • ​What can love create?
  • ​Communication and conflict resolution
  • ​Honoring the Masculine
  • ​Embodying the Feminine
  • ​And much more

Luxury Lifestyle

Luxury is Abundance, Beauty and Experience for their OWN Sake.

Beauty is the promise of happiness
Abundance is much more than enough
Experience is how we engage with all that life offers

A luxury lifestyle is the expansion into the TRUTH that all that you Desire you Deserve .

While luxury can include designer items - having designer objects does not define luxury.

Luxury Defines ITSELF.

Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends ~ Coco Chanel

Explore Esoterica
Create Magic
Seek the Treasures of Antiquity
Live the Metaphysical Mysteries
Not because you MUST
Because it Pleases

THIS is the Luxury Lifestyle.

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty It is not It is the opposite of vulgarity
~ Coco Chanel

Leadership to Legacy

The era of the Child is over.
You only live once
Fear of Missing Out
Waiting for Permission

You've outgrown all of it.

You're ready to step into CREATING and AMPLIFYING the Legacy you desire to LEAVE

By Living and LEADING YOURSELF INTO that Legacy.

All You ARE is all you will LEAVE

You are the Author and the main Character in Your story
The Artist and the Canvas of your Art
The Creator, creating itself.

And it all begins with Elevating how you LIVE
 Create the innovative enterprise
 Invest in what you'd like to see more of
 Coach and Facilitate others in the Areas you have Mastery
 Change the World with your Words of Power
Become the Model for the next Generation
Pristine. Purposeful. Prosperous

What Makes us Different?

We are the Infinite Couple

We do this work TOGETHER.

You'll hear from the Authentic Masculine and the Embodied Feminine TOGETHER.

Offering you a Calibration to your OWN embodiment - a template- not a cookie cutter.

Being in our Frequency opens you to seeing things in a completely different way, receiving high caliber SOURCE creation codes directly from Intelligent Infinity.

This is High alchemy at it's finest.


Because we Stand for Marriage and Hold the Master Codes for Unification -

Husbands and Wives pay ONE Fee.
We place our money where our mouth is.
We don't just BELIEVE in your Oneness - we are INVESTED in it.

What you Receive:

  Access to every new class or course offered during your full year.
 PLUS Access to each bonus class for an entire year. 
 PLUS Any workbooks/materials associated with the programs.
 PLUS If you are currently paying for any of our listed bonus offerings, your payment plan is stopped for the complete year!


 A private Telegram Channel and Community it’s no longer lonely at the TOP - instead you get to connect with high level Leaders journeying WITH YOU
 One Year of 100 Proof- Creating Freedom in your Life and Enterprise- normally $222 value
 One Year of The Alchemy of Prosperity- normally $2,222 value
 One Year Access to Creatures Of Myth And Legend - Metaphysical Transmission- normally $4000
 One Year of Curia Regis - Creating your Royal Council - normally $888 value
 One Year Access to The Dyad Paradigm - The Evolution of Marriage normally $2500
 One Year of The Dyadic Society- Cutting Edge Dyadic Consciousness - normally $4700
 One Year of Feminae- Sri Namaste’s Signature Offering normally $5,555 value 
 One Year of The Imperial Standard- normally $1,111
 One Year of InBody - normally $1,997
 One Year of The Invisible Niche- normally $444
 One Year of The Mystic Mind - normally $324
 One Year of Power and Surrender - The 9 Portals of Dyadic Order - normally $1,555
 One Year of School of Alchemy- The Premier Space for Alchemic Business, Life and Magic Education - normally $1,332
 One Year of Sentience- normally $777
 One Year of Unshakable - Metaphysical Group Incubator for Greatness - normally $333
 Voxer Coaching until June 1, 2023 ($60K Value)

$15555 USD

Payable in Full or
12 Monthly Installments of $1333