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 A private Telegram Channel and Community it’s no longer lonely at the TOP - instead you get to connect with high level Leaders journeying WITH YOU
 One Year of 100 Proof- Creating Freedom in your Life and Enterprise- normally $222 value
 One Year of The Alchemy of Prosperity- normally $2,222 value
  One Year Access to Creatures Of Myth And Legend - Metaphysical Transmission- normally $4000
  One Year of Curia Regis - Creating your Royal Council - normally $888 value
 One Year Access to The Dyad Paradigm - The Evolution of Marriage normally $2500
 One Year of The Dyadic Society- Cutting Edge Dyadic Consciousness - normally $4700
 One Year of Feminae- Sri Namaste’s Signature Offering normally $5,555 value 
 One Year of The Imperial Standard- normally $1,111
 One Year of InBody - normally $1,997
 One Year of The Invisible Niche- normally $444
 One Year of The Mystic Mind - normally $324
 One Year of Power and Surrender - The 9 Portals of Dyadic Order - normally $1,555
 One Year of School of Alchemy- The Premier Space for Alchemic Business, Life and Magic Education - normally $1,332
 One Year of Sentience- normally $777
 One Year of Unshakable - Metaphysical Group Incubator for Greatness - normally $333
 Voxer Coaching until June 1, 2023 ($60K Value)
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