Deep down inside you know that there is something missing from the model of modern relationships, partnerships and marriage. 

They leave you UNSATISFIED. 
Wondering - is this all there is? ...
You can also feel that there is something missing from the current paradigm of Mystery, Spirituality and Consciousness Teachings. 

The feel like cotton candy… when you HUNGER deeply for something 


The truth is that you aren’t meant to live or love in mediocrity. 

There are spaces of Evolving Consciousness and Expanded Epochs. 

The Embodiment of those who are Icons of Intelligent Infinity. 

And all of these spaces REQUIRE - MARRIAGE. 

Not marriage as defined by traditionalists that lack LIFE - they create stagnation and are full of false forms. 

Nor marriage as defined by the progressives which lack cohesion and create chaos serving no function. 

Both of these marriage templates as well as the plethora of hybrids lack the depth required to align with and express your Divine Self. 

This has been the quintessential ISSUE with marriage for ages…


Welcome to the Dyad Paradigm. 

The Dyad Paradigm is the Hope for Marriage that you didn’t know your heart desired. 

The Divine encoding for marriage slumbering within the strands of your DNA 

The TRUE Mystery School holding the LAST Mysteries unknown to Mankind. 

It is MARRIAGE created, cultivated and LIVED- differently. 

For lifetimes. 

Within this Master class We will show you the NEW structure of Marriage. 

The 4 Gateways 
The Initiatiations 
The Portals and Opportunities. 

For those Unmarried: 

How to Choose the Person to go on this Adventure With 
What is required for Dyadic Partnership 
The portals you pass through BEFORE Marriage 
This ONE thing that changes everything BEFORE you marry 
Why Marriage is Required for your next evolution

For those Married: 

How to move into new vistas even if your marriage is stuck. 
Why it only takes one partner to begin. 
The secret language of your Marriage 
How to recognize the invitations to ONGOING creation in your Marriage 
What lies BEYOND Marriage 

Welcome to


The DYAD is focused on giving you the tools and SPACE to
create, deepen, and structure
the Partnership you've always longed for....
Here in The DYAD we will shift all of that and set you up for an Amazing and Deeply Fulfilling Union.

You will learn:

Partnership communing skills
How to forgive and release previous wounds
Vision and Goal Creation for your Union!
Polarity for Passion – Deepening the Masculine and Feminine Polarity between you
This one tool will create more harmony in your partnership than you ever thought possible
 ​How to stop arguments before they start
For the Masculine- What the Feminine needs to be happy and content
For the Feminine – What the Masculine needs to show up fully, potently and transparently
How to avoid common mistakes that will shut down your partners heart, connection and passion EVERYTIME
And so much more!!!

We are SO excited to share this time and these teachings on marriage and unification with you!!