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Deep down inside you know there are deeper levels you can go in your Partnership with your beloved. 
You can feel a potent Intimacy calling you, an opening to something more than you see around you. 

You watch as couples argue and fight, break up and get back together, judge each other and struggle… and you wonder – is this all there is? 
Surely there's a better way...
You may be having a difficult season and want to heal.
Or... everything is going AMAZING and you wonder how to sustain it.

Or... you've been together for many years and are seeking to renew or intensify the spark.

Or... you're just forming your union and want to PREVENT any future pot holes.

Perhaps you're single and need tools to create and sustain an amazing, legendary love.

Welcome to

Marriage Mastery Matters

The DYAD is focused on giving you the tools and SPACE to
create, deepen, and structure
the Partnership you've always longed for....
Did you know... most “relationship” tools guarantee your partnership will eventually fail or struggle?

Did you know.... Divorce rate in the USA is over 71%? This means that Unification is becoming more and more challenging to maintain

Did you know... there are KEY things that make your Union last a lifetime that are simple, enjoyable, and DOABLE – but most people don’t know anything about them?
Here in The DYAD we will shift all of that and set you up for an Amazing and Deeply Fulfilling Union.

You will learn:

Partnership communing skills
How to forgive and release previous wounds
Vision and Goal Creation for your Union!
Polarity for Passion – Deepening the Masculine and Feminine Polarity between you
This one tool will create more harmony in your partnership than you ever thought possible
 ​How to stop arguments before they start
For the Masculine- What the Feminine needs to be happy and content
For the Feminine – What the Masculine needs to show up fully, potently and transparently
How to avoid common mistakes that will shut down your partners heart, connection and passion EVERYTIME
And so much more!!!

We are SO excited to share this time and these teachings on marriage and unification with you!! 

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