Step In:

Step In:

We are the Infinite Couple 
 and we have a Secret 

We hold the Enlivened Codes to the foundation of this 

 Inside of us.

 They are living
And Shattering...

 We hid them there Thousands of years ago for safe 

 From everyone
Including us.

 So they could not be Corrupted
These are the Master Keys

 This means they open every lock.

 They speak
They order
They disorder to reorder

They were hidden within both of us so they could only be 
accessed when we came a specific way.

 An Exquisitely contained access process - keychain 
password meets Fort Knox.

 We have been through portal after portal, level after level, as all the safeguards are unlocked and ancient memories are returned.

 The fulfillment of contracts put in place with other selves to assist in this great unlocking coming to fruition.

 Now is the time.
The revealing is nigh. 

 We offer now these Secrets... 

 We call forth the

Mythic and the Legendary

the fire

Fire is never complete. It births and destroys. Transmissions are offered twice a month precisely as they are given. The Raw, The Deep, The Profound and The Hidden.


Meat needs teeth. This is not baby food. We provide a space for you to ask your pertinent questions that enable you to shred what needs to go and chew (digest and internalize) the Transmissions. 


This is not for hand holding.
 This is not for the common.
 This is for those who have a Taste for the Extraordinary

This is where we're supposed to tell you all 
 the benefits you'll receive from this 

Thats the blah-blah of living as everyone else. 
 We aren't going to insult you with that. 
 If you feel drawn and called ...this is for you. 
 Myths, Legends, Art, Masterpieces, Beauty all exist 
 and have INTRINSIC Value to the Creator, and to the Owner. 
 This is your first Test to Becoming. 
 Mythic and Legendary status isn't for Bargain hunters. 
 And it isn't for the Timid. 
 Only the Courageous. 
 Only those who DARE. 

Is this gateway worth the risk? 

Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds. 
What is your cancellation policy?
Cancel at any time with 7 days notice before your next billing cycle.
Are your calls scheduled?
Our Calls are not scheduled. We do them when the Portal is open and Infinity is Speaking. This may be 3 am, it might be noon. All Transmissions are recorded and will be posted in the private group. Ask questions by joining our free Facebook group - click here
Further Questions?
If you have a question that is not answered here send an email to - include "Creatures of Myth and Legend" in the subject line.

    The Dark and The Light 
     are Dancing Together.

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