Those of us who desire to live, love, and build together share a special bond. Our partnerships run deeper because of our focus on creating something that outlives us, but we also face some unusual challenges for that same reason.

Manifesting your Big Dream and Creating a life of purpose TOGETHER requires special care - the Prototype you inhabit reveals not only where you are - but also where you're going ...
Especially if you aren’t aware of the power dynamics you share.
  • Who is in the leading position?
  • ​Who is in the supportive positions?
  • ​Who has the creative energy?
  • ​Who is the inspiration?

We each slip into certain roles, depending on our personalities and our partners’ traits. And when we aren’t intentional or are unaware of the underlying drivers of those roles, resentments may start to simmer.
With that in mind, we’ve created this quest to help couples understand the essential nature of their collaborations. We've spent decades studying the ways that Conscious, Purpose-focused Couples move together in the world, and have made transformative discoveries that we want to share with you and your partner. We have discovered the 8 fundamental prototypes that ALL couples fit into, and this quest will reveal which one(or more than one!)  is currently holding your partnership.
You won't be able to find this information anywhere else, and our guidance for each couple prototype is totally proprietary! This quest is guaranteed to transform your partnership forever.
Ready to dive deeper into your shared dynamic?